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Personal Liberation - The Heart of Resistance

A workshop on the care and feeding of activists (broadly defined to include artists, political junkies, entrepreneurs, and all passion-driven, cause-oriented individuals).  Because burnout comes easily and sustainability starts within. 

Public Speaking

For anyone who gets the heebie-jeebies when faced with public speaking, or for those who can manage when faced with a crowd, but feel their presentation skills could use a little honing and greater ease.

How To Have A Stress-Free Theatre Career

Quit!  Just kidding.  Created when I was working as a life coach, this workshop uses the principles of coaching and common spiritual practice to reduce stress and create a greater sense of flow in one's life and career.

Yoga For Actors

Physical tension decreases emotional availability and makes the body less receptive to transformational work.  This workshop helps actors build a base for a simple yoga practice that will enhance their creativity and craft.

Writing For Solo Performance

A practical workshop that will start you on the road to creating your own solo performance piece.

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