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The Dartmouth, Hanover, NH

The Boycott and its political message are clear and engagingly presented. However, a secondary aspect is how this adaptation of a 2500-year-old play enlivens a classical art form — Greek comedy.  The classics department, which, along with Sustainable Dartmouth, Environmental Conservation Organization and the Sierra Club of the Upper Valley, is sponsoring the performance, supported The Boycott in part because of the ways it would enrich curriculum.

Connecticut Valley Spectator, Lebanon, NH

For this once-in-a-lifetime experience, we are indebted to Kathryn Blume.

Rutland Herald, Rutland, VT

Kathryn Blume is a brilliant, funny woman, and if you want to help combat global warming and enjoy a highly entertaining play at the same time, "The Boycott" is a must-see.

River Front Times, St. Louis, MO 

Kathryn Blume’s one woman show The Boycott is not really about global warming, a world-wide sex embargo launched by the first lady of the United States or a talking Brazilian tree frog that dispenses wisdom while hanging out on the astral plane, although all of these elements feature prominently in the plot. The Boycott is about that marvelous human gift for turning desperation into inspiration.

Homer News, Homer, AK

In live theater, anything can happen. Put Kathryn Blume on the stage with a few simple props, 28 characters and a fuzzy green sock puppet, and a lot can happen.

Orion Magazine - Sex, Wives, and Climate Change by Amy Seidl

What Blume reveals is just how much creativity, humor, and pathos it will take to move us beyond the global warming message and toward embodying the artistic license needed to do something about it.


Playbill Logo 

  Playbill preview article.

Kathryn Blume  

Warm Earth, Cold Beds?

Could a raunchy, 2400-year-old Greek sex comedy hold the key to a solution (to global warming)? Well, not literally. But in "The Boycott," actress Kathryn Blume has penned a one-woman show that proposes a tactic straight from Aristophanes’ "Lysistrata." Women go on a sex strike to pressure political leaders — the fictional self-absorbed President, in particular — into taking action. If the planet gets hot, the men will get naught.

Seven Days, Photo: Matthew Thorsen




Charlotte Citizen Review

The Boycott" is a magical experience: at times hilarious, at times heart-wrenching, and at all points absolutely necessary. Review

This is smart, clever, funny, entertaining theatre that makes political activism appealingly cool while unabashedly striving to make it part of the everyday fabric of life again... As a vehicle for its writer and star, The Boycott is a tour-de-force that shows Blume off as a versatile and highly imaginative talent.  Successfully playing more than a dozen different characters—including a sassy southern First Lady, a poker-faced but likable Secret Service agent, and a Zen-like Brazilian tree frog with a gift for profound platitudes—Blume's fluid, high-energy performance makes what she accomplishes here look like the easiest thing in the world. She possesses great comic timing, and is immensely endearing... 

Auburn Citizen Review

Blume is an extraordinary performer, honest and compelling, perfectly focused and possessing enormous charm and presence.

Anchorage Daily News Review

Kathryn Blume is Al Gore on crack.  With red hair.  And a uterus...she appears to have enough ambition to crush aluminum cans with her mind.  And take them to the recycling center, of course.

Rutland Times Argus Review

Kathryn Blume has taken the classic 2000-plus-year-old Aristophanes comedy, Lysistrata, and brought it to today with hilarious – and often poignant – results… "The Boycott"…is a point-blank attack on current American policy on global warming – and it’s terribly funny, and largely convincing.

Kathryn Blume

Burlington Free Press Review

…for all her immense energy, passion and anger at the planet’s tenuous position, Blume knows enough to break up the message with laughs… "The Boycott" is even unabashedly silly at times; Lissa Stratton’s main adviser on her no-sex campaign is a quite-possibly-imaginary tree frog whose species is endangered by the planet’s warming trend. The amphibian manifests itself in the form of a furry green sock puppet, and gives the actress the chance to use her keen comic timing…

Burlington Free Press 



Audience Comments

"The play is gutsy, original, timely, inspiring, and wonderfully executed.  Felicitations!" 

"I just recently saw Kathryn perform her show in Fairfield, CT and she was fantastic. With simple props, no lighting or special effects, and nothing dividing her from the people watching/participating, she was able to simultaneously create a world of characters and emotions as well as lay out a line of reason and clear thinking about some of the most difficult problems we face. This type of presentation, for me, is the height of the power of creativity." 

"Thank you for your guest lecture and performance at Dartmouth.  My students were thrilled, especially by The Boycott, and won’t stop talking about it in class."

"Thank you so much for coming to Homer with your brilliant performance!  I'm blown away by how you manage to keep the audience engaged with your witty, informative and provocative dialogs and so few props.  A true masterpiece, performed by a master! I wish you all the best trying to 'unfuck the world'!"

“Thank you for your energy and creativity in creating such a fabulous venue for getting the message out to save our planet. You are a ray of hope for all of us who know you.”

“I personally think what you are doing with "The Boycott" is transformative and has the potential to really engage people's hearts and minds and move them to action.”

“You were phenomenal! The show is fabulous! You were smart, funny, sexy, adorable, sincere, and brilliant all wrapped up into a gorgeous package! I laughed, I got teary, and have blabbed about it to everyone I've come into contact with.”

“You were tremendous, and it was one of the best live performances we have ever seen - one we will always remember.”

“It was the freshest, most inspiring, witty, at times hysterical, poignant, and oh so relevant evenings I have spent in a long time!”

“Really funny and touching and with a message that is forceful without the feeling one is being bashed over the head with it. This is important.”

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