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Watch this great video for a totally comprehensive plan for how to talk down the climate change naysayers, argue for action, and pretty much shut down any pretense at the "is it real/are we causing it" debate all together.

Read Earth Under Fire for amazing photographic evidence of the effects of climate change.

Read Earth: The Sequel by Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense for a plan full of hope and inspiration about how to build a low-carbon world.

Download this Tip Sheet (Adobe PDF, 9K) for information about how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Offset your carbon emissions with Native Energy.

Join these organizations working to fight global warming:

Get daily environmental news from:

Meet other environmental activists at 2People.

Join Better World Club for earth-friendly roadside assistance, car insurance, and travel assistance (basically the green version of AAA).

Sign up for ride sharing at RideAmigos.

Get daily green living tips from Ideal Bite.

Purchase books from Chelsea Green to help you learn more about climate change and what you can do to live a more sustainable life.

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