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The Boycott

  • Lyssa's Office

  • Written and Performed by Kathryn Blume
  • Directed by Jason Jacobs

Packed to the rafters with moxie and magic, The Boycott tells the story of the First Lady of the United States launching a nationwide sex strike to fight global warming and save the world.  Come for a raucous tour of Oval Office affairs, psychedelic absinthe trips, enchanted frogs, movie star cameos, and land in a heap of unabashed hope. 

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Unfuck The World (music and lyrics)


It's hard to find humor in global warming but Kathryn Blume manages to do it in "The Boycott." She engages, in an entertaining way, that tough question of "how can what I do make a difference to a global problem?" And critically, she makes us come out of our denial and confront this planet's climate crisis with a sense of optimism and hope. 
                 - Peter Lehner, Executive Director, NRDC


Production photographs courtesy of Lindsay Raymondjack and Debra Lewis.

The Boycott is a magical experience: at times hilarious, at times heart-wrenching, and at all points absolutely necessary.”

Charlotte Citizen

© 2007 Kathryn Blume. All rights reserved.

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